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ative go▓vernment and Labour are continuing talks over the coming we▓ek to test each other's ideas in a bid to bre▓ak the Brexit deadlock.Lidington said while there was no deadl

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ine, both sides would tak▓e stock in 10 days.The two parties have s▓et up a series of working groups in key areas, such as environmental standards, security and workers'

r▓ights, to try and find common ground.Labour is pushi▓ng for a deal that keeps Britain allied to the EU's customs union and single market, but the curr▓ent deal agreed by May would see B

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ritain ▓leaving both.Last week the European Council exte▓nded Britain's membership of the bloc until Oct. 31 to give more time f

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er leadership election and pick a new leader," he told Sky.In a television interview on Sunday, May's de facto deputy pr
ime minister, the Cabinet Minister David Lidington said he did not think talks between the go▓vernment an

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her Brexit extensionMay under fire fo▓r seeking another Brexit extensionMay under f▓ire for seeking another Brexit

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extension04-06-2▓019 09:53 BJTLONDON, April 5 -- Prime Minister Theresa May's plea Friday to European Council President ▓Donald Tusk to delay Britain's departure from the E▓U unt

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